Cleaning & Prevention


Dental cleaning is designed to preserve health and prevent the spread of disease. It is professionally defined as a procedure that includes scaling and polishing procedures to remove plaque, calculus and stains deposits that are on the surface. Dental polishing or prophy, is rarely done at the first appointment due to restrictions applied by patients dental plans and is only done after completing the clinical exam if there is no presence of gum disease. Professional polishing removes plaque, tartar, and stain from teeth. It is a cosmetic procedure that removes surface stains on the crown part of the tooth or above the gum line so they will look and feel cleaner. However, this procedure is not a procedure that cleans infected, diseased gum tissue and root surfaces. This is only a superficial cleaning and will not eliminate disease or get it under control. Tooth cleaning may be done by your dentist or dental hygienist, in the dental office and you will receive education on in the proper care of your teeth and gums at home.



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